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Clavinova CVP Series Pianos

Yamaha Clavinova CVP

Clavinova CVP Series Pianos

Clavinova CVP Series Pianos

The CVP Clavinova range offers authentic piano sounds, natural weighted keyboard action and an amazing range of features which allow pianists to explore new and exciting musical options when performing or composing.

With a full 88-note weighted keyboard and versatile functions like dynamic accompaniment styles and recording features, CVP Clavinova offers the complete digital piano experience.

All CVP Clavinova's feature a rich piano sound and exceptional keyboard response, putting musical expression at your fingertips. Each model offers hundreds of orchestral and synthesizer sounds, exciting accompaniment styles and a range of studio quality effects. CVP Clavinova is the ultimate family-friendly instrument.

Clavinova CVP Series Piano | CVP601 Clavinova CVP Series Piano | CVP605 Clavinova CVP Series Piano | CVP609 Clavinova CVP Series Piano | CVP609GP
Clavinova CLP Series Pianos

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