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Piano Moving Service

Piano Moving

Piano Moving Services

In an average month, Doctor Piano moves 100 pianos: 1200 annually. After thirty years and tens of thousands of pianos, we can say with absolute confidence that we have mastered the art of moving pianos.

When you engage our moving services, your piano, property and home is 100% insured for any loss or damage that may occur from the moment our truck arrives on your premises, we step in your home and place our hands on your piano until it is safely delivered to its new destination.

Our fee to move upright piano in HRM range from $200 and grands from $275. The cost varies depending on size of piano, distance, the number of inside and outside steps involved, basement and back yard entrances, and door removal.

Piano moves outside HRM will always require a conversation. The cost depends on all the same factors listed above as well as timing. E.g. If we can coordinate your move with other piano moves to or from your area, the cost will be substantially less than a special trip.

Believe it or not, moving pianos is unlike handling any other type of product. Vertical pianos weigh between 500 and 800 lbs and grand pianos from 700 to 1300 lbs. We know every nuance of the profession, angles of entrances and tipping points, but most of all: we know and appreciate the value of the instrument in our hands and your home.

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Our fee is usually equivalent to, or less than, that of companies who do not move enough pianos to become proficient in the art. In fact, most of the experienced moving companies throughout the region won't engage in piano moving at all; they usually encourage you to contact Doctor Piano.

As for our reputation, ask around.

Gary Trenholm and Paul MacPherson