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Yamaha Piano

Yamaha Radio

Get Radio on Your Instrument!

Great for entertaining or just relaxing at home! Get 24-hour access to multiple channels of high quality piano music that play directly through your instrument for a unique listening experience.

With radio service, it's like having a professional pianist in the room.

Imagine your favorite artists performing in your home! With moving keys* and real acoustic sound, radio brings your instrument to life and creates the perfect atmosphere.

*Moving keys not available on all instrument models

Yamaha Radio Yamaha Radio

It's easy— just sit back and enjoy the music.

Just turn on piano radio and relax— there's no need to change disks or set up a playlist. Over a dozen stations featuring songs from your favorite artists. More than enough variety to suit any musical taste and set the right mood for any occasion.

The Channels

Yamaha radio channels cover the entire Yamaha library— from Elton John's romantic ballads to elegant classics by Chopin, Beethoven and more.