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Yamaha Upright Pianos

Used Yamaha Pianos

The world renowned quality and longevity of Yamaha Pianos has ensured that many of our instruments are sold as Used Yamaha Piano's for many years after their original purchase. We are very proud that Yamaha products can and do last for decades. However, there are used Yamaha piano's for sale that do not represent the original quality and standards that Yamaha applied when the products were manufactured.

With many used Yamaha Pianos being imported from other areas of the world, like Japan, today's consumers do have to be a little wary that the Yamaha Piano they are being offered is really representative of Yamaha's quality. Most of these pianos come from music teaching facilities where they receive excessive use. The areas of a Piano's function that can be affected if the Piano has not been cared for correctly are tuning instability, poor regulation & touch and spare components that were not designed and produced by Yamaha specifically for the North American Market.

To be absolutely confident that your investment is secure it would be wise to look at Yamaha's fantastic
b Series, GB1 Series and GC Series which have been designed and specified to Yamaha standards but are available for prices that are very competitive when compared to Used Yamaha Pianos. Choosing one of Yamaha's new pianos will give you additional peace of mind as each piano is covered by Yamaha's 10 year parts and labour warranty and will continue to offer a good investment and great performance for many years to come.

Doctor Piano will welcome these pianos as trade ups at any time.